\ JEF 2016 Introduction

The Jeddah Economic Forum (JEF) 2016 will focus on public private partnerships (PPP) with a view to privatization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Historically an oil-based economy, the Kingdom now seeks to diversify, and is keen on involving private stakeholders. Such a shift introduces lucrative commercial possibilities, but it also presents potential challenges. Bringing together high ranking government officials, international businesses, policy makers and global experts, JEF 2016 is a unique forum to discuss and debate solutions to overcome these challenges, explore business opportunities, and assess economic benefits offered by the evolving landscape of the Kingdom. JEF 2016 began by addressing macro-economic and regulatory outlook in the Kingdom. It then moved on to more focused sessions on privatization opportunities in education, healthcare, utilities, transportation, infrastructure and municipal functions. These sessions were chaired by expert panelists, renowned in the Kingdom and internationally and included intellectual, sector specific, and matchmaking for potential PPP partners. The aim was to ensure that JEF 2016 provided exclusive networking opportunities with the aim of facilitating knowledge creation and practical discourse of the highest caliber among the attendees.

The Jeddah Economic Forum (JEF) has been held annually since 1999 and has in that time become the Middle East's leading strategic forum focusing on regional and international economic and social issues. Over its time of existence, the Jeddah Economic Forum has featured some of the leading personalities and thinkers including government leaders, business executives, social and environmental activists, and civic and community organizers.