06-07 May 2018
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Mr. Antoine Boo

Director Riyadh project, Veolia


Mr. Boo, with more than 25 years of experience in the environmental and public services field, focusing on water and wastewater operations, is an experienced manager who has be involved in many large Utility projects all over the world. His background also includes managing major water utility operations with Veolia Water in Europe.

Experience History:

8/2013-8/2014: Chief Operations Officer – Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mr. Boo is managing this water and wastewater operations through a period of transition with a new Administration. The key challenges include managing culture changes and ensuring a smooth transformation of the Authority to a more efficient Utility.

The operational excellence program includes initiatives related to metering optimization and installation of a new AMI system, the implantation of a Project Management Information System a Computerized Maintenance Management System and water treatment optimization

11/2011-8/2013: Working Team Leader- Veolia Water, New York City ,NY

Mr. Boo managed has developed a comprehensive operational excellence program for the Bureau of Water Supply including process optimization, productivity and regulatory initiatives.

The key challenges have involved maintaining the levels of service and quality for the customers that rely on the water system while implementing the OPEX program which brought significant savings to the City of New York. This helped reducing significantly the increase of water rates

9/2010-8/2011: Chief Operations Officer – Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mr. Boo managed this water operations group through a period of major change, as the water operations (owned by the City), are being transition to a new owner and operator. The sale of the City’s water treatment and supply assets, which serve almost 1 million people in the region, was completed in 2010, and the transition of services in underway (with completion anticipated in August 2011).

The key challenges of this process have involved maintaining the levels of service and quality for the customers that rely on the water system, and providing ongoing operations, maintenance and management services as the new owner is allowed to implement their new operations and management approach

The Indianapolis water facilities include four surface water treatment plants, ranging in size from 16 to 96 MGD; four groundwater treatment plants, ranging in size from 2- to 24-MGD; 4,300mile distribution system; numerous storage tanks; 17 water pump stations along the distribution system; and 12 high-service pump stations at the water treatment plants. The Indianapolis water supply system is dynamic with several pressure zones. Fifteen districts and five sub-districts comprise the water system. A district and sub-district are part of the waterworks that is defined by the pressures within the area and is typically isolated from the remainder of the system by one or more pressure reducing valves (PRVs), bleeder valves or pump stations. The customer service organization is responsible for meter reading for some 310,000 connections for the City of Indianapolis and an additional 15,000 connections through contracts with surrounding communities. We also provide billing and revenue collection for 600,000 accounts.